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Currently your tank water heater is stored either within a closet, underneath your air conditioner, or inside a utility closet taking up space. This valuable space can be used as an additional closet or storage space by replacing your tank with a compact, tankless, water heater the size of a phone book that you can hang on a wall. By replacing your tank with a tankless heater you can enjoy the benefits of saving up to 60% of your hot water heating bill and enjoy an endless supply of hot water.

Your current tank type water heater turns on and off consuming energy every 30-45 minutes regardless if you are using hot water or not, wasting energy. Tankless water heaters only consume power when you are demanding hot water from any of your faucets, and when you shut off the hot water tap the tankless unit turns off.

It depends on how many hot water heater sources you currently have, in most cases if you are using 1 tank type water heater or 1 hot water source you may replace it with the same amount using the tankless type and install it in the same place. Also there are many situations where a home has a separate room or quarters, eg. pool house, maid quarters, and there is no hot water source to feed these applications, than you can use a small point of use tankless just for that location. They are small enough to be concealed right under your sink or in a closet.

The price for a tankless type water heater is very competitive to other tank type water heaters, but using a tankless water heater will reduce your hot water heating bills by 45-60%. This means you have a pay back every month, reducing the overall cost of your investment. Thankless water heater is less expensive than the conventional tank. 

Since tankless water heaters are small, compact, and do not need any venting they can be installed pretty much anywhere hot water is needed: under a sink, closet, etc. If possible close to the electric panel.

You must check your local and/or State municipalities. In some cases, your State will offer rebate programs, as tankless water heaters are 99% energy efficient.

Tankless water heaters work when you open your hot water tap to demand hot water. Once you shut off your hot water tap, the tankless water heater shuts off automatically by using your hot water valve as an off & on switch, therefore saving you energy every time you demand hot water.

You must have the proper amount of electricity to run an electric tankless water heater, depending on your application. You will need enough capacity in the electric panel.


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